Gerald Shepherd: Are Travel Photographs Art?


Notice From Paul Malone: The Electric Universe

A unique and controversial talk on astronomy
Tuesday 12th February 2013. 6:00 – 7:00 pm
(Doors open for refreshments and chat 5:30 – 7:30 pm)
The Better Bankside Space. 18, Great Guildford Street. London SE1 0FD
(Tate Modern end)

Further information :

Venturing forth from where Professor Jim Al Khalili’s ‘Shock and Awe’ (BBC) left off, Deptford based
artist Paul Malone takes you on a unique and controversial tour of the Universe. Originally devised
to introduce artists and designers to the wide range of forms inherent in plasma structures, this talk
follows contemporary speculations into the role that electro-dynamics play in the morphologies of
objects that we see in modern astronomy.
“From the smallest particle to the largest galactic formation, a web of electrical circuitry
connects and unifies all of nature, organizing galaxies, energizing stars, giving birth to
planets and, on our own world, controlling weather and animating biological organisms.
There are no isolated islands in an electric universe”.
David Talbot and Wallace Thornhill, 2004

This event is to fund raise for the charity :
SE1 United
‘Empowering young people to be leaders of their own lives.’
The talk is free to the public but please donate what you can.
It would be very helpful if you could RSVP to:

Electric Universe

Paul Malone – Notice: Christmas Lecture – Electric Universe

Just to let you know I am doing my next talk on Electric Universe theory this Tuesday 11th December – doors open 6 for 6:30pm start – at the Better Bankside Space, just south of the Tate Modern.
Fir more information you can find the webpage here : .
This is a fund-raising event for the charity ‘SE1 United’ – – free entrance but give what you can. There will be refreshments available.

Notice From Paul Malone

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know my next Open Studio is tomorrow evening (Friday 22nd 5-8pm) and Saturday 23rd (12 noon to 5pm) at APT 6, Creekside, Deptford, London SE8 4SA.

This is also part of the London Festival of Architecture as the Co_Laboratory project that I am doing with Nicola Rae see

Also on those days is the Delineation exhibition in the APT Gallery see : where I have installed my wall of genetically engineered chicks.

Hope you can come along.

Best wishes, Paul Malone

Ionist Art Exhibition At Paul McPherson Gallery 2012

Gerald Shepherd: Selected Portraits Of Friends

Ionist Art: Second Show At Paul McPherson Gallery


An exhibition of highly original paintings and sculptures at the Paul McPherson Gallery, 77  Lassell Street, Greenwich, London SE10 9PJ.

Private View Monday 30th April between 6pm – 9pm.  

The exhibition continues until Saturday 12th May.

The exhibition presents the extraordinary work of four artists who have wide ranging interests and in their own individual way have extended the boundaries of art.

The term Ionist Art was coined in the middle Seventies by the artist and writer Gerald Shepherd to cover the work he was doing at the time which lay somewhere in between art and science.  In the Eighties he founded the Ionist Art Group to bring together artists and scientists to exchange ideas and collaborate on joint projects.

Below is a brief resume of each artist’s work:

GERALD SHEPHERD has explored system based pictorial art forms since the Seventies.  His highly individual works combine evolving image sequences with controlling structures borrowed from mathematics, the sciences, music and literature.

CATHY WARD has utilised an extremely wide range of artistic disciplines throughout her career to produce penetrating and compelling works which explore pressing social issues.

PAUL MALONE’s toy art uses the language of the 00 scale model railway environment to explore the general concepts of ‘model-making’ and the specifics of working within a scaled environment.

ROY OSBORNE paints, researches, writes and lectures on all aspects of colour.  The resulting art works are unequivocal and powerful statements which have an almost physical impact on the viewer.