News: Whiteout Exhibition – Hundred Years Gallery, London

Hundred Years Gallery

Events of the Week:

‘WHITEOUT’ by Jill Rock

Exhibition continues

‘Saturnalia’ A Night of Misrule

Saturday 21st of December from 7:00

‘Gilgamesh’ Sunday Session III

Sunday 22nd of November from 3:00 – 6:30


Grassy Noelt photograph by Antonio Mena

Rude Mechanicals (photograph by Antonio Mena)

Performances this weekend at Hundred Years Gallery:

Saturday 21st of December at 7:00
‘SATURNALIA’ A Night of Misrule
Hundred Years Gallery celebrates its second birthday and the Winter Solstice with masks, music and chaos. Join us as the world turns upside down for a night of misrule with Grassy Noel, Miss Roberts & Cos Chapman (Rude Mechanicals), Calum F Kerr, Miyuki Kasahara, Phillip Raymond Goodman, Giles Leaman, Matt Scott and Jill Rock as DavieDarlings Auntie. Opening Ritual by Raga Woods
Free entry


Sunday 22nd of December from 3pm – 6pm:
‘GILGAMESH’ An interpretation by Richard Cardew
An interpretation by Richard Cardew of the ancient Mesopotamain epic of Gilgamesh, legendary ruler of Uruk, and his search for immortality.Reading by Jill Rock accompanied by Nicky Heinen (flute)


Prints, Artists Books & Cards for Sale at Hundred Years Gallery:
20% discount during December

We are open until 7pm on Sunday 22nd of December and have a wide selection of prints, artists book and cards for sale, by established and emerging artists. Do your last minute Christmas shopping and support your local gallery.

Remember the Dance’by Jill Rock (photo Antonio Mena)


Random Photographs The Whiteout Exhibition At The Hundred Years Gallery Curated By Jill Rock (I took part)

White Out: An Exhibition At The Hundred Years Gallery I Am Participating In

Whiteout’ by Jill Rock. From 3rd of December to 9th of January

WHITEOUT – Jill Rock has invited artists, musicians, poets, writers and performers to explore their relationship to WHITE whether it be scientific, social, mythical, psychological, religious or aesthetic. Celebrating that split second of WHITEOUT – the imagination is accessed and the artist has the freedom to improvise.

In times when all points of reference are being eroded things are known by their shadow – the whiter the white the darker the shadow.

Wherever in the world, painting fragments of wood picked up off the ground, Jill Rock tackles the problem of the relationship between object and subject, working where nature, culture and art meet.

“It is as if in the time consuming and concentrated process of finding, cleaning and painting fragments of wood I am attempting to break down the dualism of object and subject to create a unity. In the work Remember the Dance I became fascinated by the fact that as I built up the layers of white gesso the relationships changed as the shadow took on the dominant role.”

Opening: Thursday December 5th. 6:30;  CYCLOPS – performance by Jo Roberts and KMAT, plus the inimitable Grassy Noel.

Saturday December 7th. 7:00 – 10:30: Films by Robert Robertson, Nicky Scott Francis, Mervyn Diese
Sunday December 8th. 3pm – 6pm an afternoon of improvisation with Will Miles (flute), Matt Scott (accordion), Gabriel Keen (piano) and Ivor Kallin (viola)

Saturday 14th. 7.30 – 10.30: Jaime Valtierra programmed improvised event: ‘The Waiting’ with Eve Tenenbaum, Sofia Figurido, Eloise Carles, Grassy Noel, Jill Rock, Nicky Heinen, Yuri Pirondi, Ines Von Bonhorst, Cos Chapman
Sunday 15th. 3pm – 6pm; improvisation by Bitten By A Monkey with Steven Myers, Dylan Bates, Roland Bates…..

Saturday 21st 7:00 – 10:30 : Saturnalia – a night of mis-rule
Sunday 22nd Gilgamesh 3pm – 6pm- interpretation by Richard Cardew, reading by Jill Rock accompanied by Nicky Heinen

Saturday January 4th and Sunday January 5th; post coital poetry bash

Anna Burel
Anna Sikorska
Edward Smith
Elizabet Chojak-mysko
Gerald Shepherd
Jaime Valtierra
Jo Roberts
Jo Wonder
Jolanta Jagiello
Li Williams
Lorraine Clarke
Marko Stepanov
Mary Lemley
Noel Macken
Raffaella Losapio
Richard Cardew
Sally Scantlebury
Tom Cardew
Valentina Colella
Vittoria Biasi
Wayne Chisnall

Sound Installations by Frederick Lecok, Graham Mackeachan and Cos Chapman

Jill Rock is a London based artist. A sense of place is important to her and she has worked and shown her work worldwide. This summer she has worked in Nunhead Cemetery London, in Rome creating a solo exhibition “Psychogeographical Wanderings in The Caffarella” and at Kurt Schwitter’s Merzbarn in Cumbria. At Hundred Years Gallery she has found a congenial place where artists meet to explore the relationships between art forms.

Notice From Jill Rock

This weekend and every weekend in May at Nunhead Cemetery from 11am – 5pm in the Mausoleum at Nunhead Cemetery seven artists interpret their vision of The Seven Heavenly Virtues:


Jolanta Jagiello – temperance,

Desiree Ickerodt – forgiveness,

Sara Scott – kindness,

Elizabeta Chojak-Mysko – humility,

Jill Rock – charity,  

Lorenzo Belenguer, diligence,

Sally Buchanan – chastity. 


Calum F. Kerr interprets with a sound recording.


To find the Mausoleum walk up to the chapel in the cemetery, turn right and walk on following the signs for the Mausoleum,

For a day out the Nunhead Open Day is on Saturday May 18th

Notice From Jill Rock



Last week, 7 of 7 at Hundred Years Gallery for DRonULtMaRAtiOthenHEcATe


I give my heartfelt thanks to Montse Gallego Reyes for offering me this opportunity to show my work in Hundred Years Gallery alongside Graham Mackeachan in the context of the improvised DrOnULTiMaRAtIOthenHECatE festival with improvised sound at its core.


It has been a whirlwind time with happiness written all over as each exhausting weekend draws to a close.  There have been new and exciting collaborations, extraordinary performances, poignant heart stopping moments – a lot of fun and an amazingly positive response from performers who have all taken part in the way of good will ie unpaid and loved.


To the performer’s and their generosity especially I extend every good wish I can think of


and to the performers and to the audiences alike thank you for being so great – keep in touch – we might just do it all again……..



so hope to see you this weekend which will have much to do with Kurt Schwitters with Giles Leaman, and myself as sound poemer letting loose, playing it dangerously beside an original Schwitter’s recording



some of the many u tubes made and still being made .





Gerald Shepherd: Text Art And Conceptual Art

In the late Seventies/Early Eighties I did comparatively few wall hanging pictures, concentrating instead on writing short performance pieces, conceptual explanations and proposals for art works and myriads of text art pieces.  All of these were on paper although I did type out and subsequently digitise some in the late Eighties and also created new pieces.  I have returned to some of these (as part of an ongoing project) and combined them with images – ranging from very old slides my father or I took in the middle Sixties to spontaneous marks made on the computer screen.  Here is a limited selection; I am hoping hundreds will follow.

Music Of The Mind

Music Of The Mind

Coloured Lights Invention

Coloured Lights Invention

Picture In My Head - Blue Sky Version

Picture In My Head – Blue Sky Version

Me As A Pirate - Sheet One

Me As A Pirate – Sheet One

Me As A Pirate - Sheet Two

Me As A Pirate – Sheet Two

Metamorphosis Of Narcissus - Take One

Metamorphosis Of Narcissus

The Old Car

The Old Car

Study For Romeo And Juliet

Study For Romeo And Juliet

Notice From Jill Rock: Dron Festival – Week Three

DRON TALK SESSION IV with David Grundy, in conjunction with

PigPen. Sunday 24th of February, from 3pm


Jill Rock image_13613701327421361370061

For the fourth DRON Festival Sunday session, Cambridge based writer and musician David Grundy presents an informal talk and discussion on Improvisation and Politics, or The Politics of Improvisation.

Music and performance poetry by The Yetzer Hara Box : Antonio Alfaro Sanchez & Jack Rhys Merrick.

During the afternoon Hundred Years Gallery will converge with the PigPen Club at the beginning of a special club night in honour of Gabriel Hardisty-Miller, an inspirational campaigner for the rights of autistic people, who sadly passed away last year aged just 25.

Jill Rock PigPen_Feb24_Poster_complete_A4.1

The show to celebrate Gabriel’s life and his achievements will be held at The Macbeth in Hoxton Street from 4pm to late, and we invite the audience and participants to join the procession from Hundred Years Gallery to The Macbeth at 4.45.
Admission to The Macbeth event is £7 / £5 concessions. All proceeds go to the National Autistic Society.

Jill Rock b27_640x427_

DRON Performance Festival III. Saturday 23rd of February, from 6.30

For the DRON Festival, the Jerico Orchestra will collaborate with digital artist Andor Merks and his Composition Robotics.
Using projected images as an interactive graphic score this first time meeting promises a trip into uncharted areas, as visuals by Pete Jones are fed into the digital mixer … the collective mind of the orchestra in action, the projected score, and the response of the audience together create a unique work which must be experienced in its totality. This performance for DRON Festival also incorporates strategies for group improvisation devised by Michael Walter. Also during the evening, Jerico Orchestra flautist Wil Miles will play a solo set inside the Dron.

Gretchen Dharma Sky Cult : An anagrammatic, name-shifting, all-electronic improvising trio of Martin Hackett, synthesizer, David Grundy, laptop & Stuart Chalmers, tapes.  Together their music is cut-up, sampled, sliced, randomisation and control jerking apart or together in some kind of evolving improvised form.

Stasis 73 : Formed in 2009 by a collective of creatives from Hastings. Film makers, painters, poets and musicians. The aim of the project is to move beyond the concerns of more traditional music making, yet not fall into the trap of being labelled experimental.
Here they present an immersive live sound and film installation consisting of drones and sonic explorations, utilizing electro-acoustic manipulated pure noise, voice, text, whisperings, field recordings & darkness, creating an atmosphere that is simultaneously oppressive, uplifting, nostalgic and intriguing, using refracted collected filmed & found images, projected and refilmed, creating a multi-layered textural imagery, complementary to the sound layers: spoken and text sound, found object sounds, acoustic sounds, acoustic sound exploration and processed acoustic sounds, decay, and extended drones.

Monster Zero ” Reunion “
A constructed void.
A psychotic blend of harsh noise, underworld lyrics and acid landscape.
Performance by this trio from Portugal/Spain/London featuring Cementimental / The Techno Widow / Adolfo Healer