Welcome to my art blog.

This  blog records my work and recent exhibitions (plus thoughts/concerns about it – of which there are usually many!), the work of my friends and details of the group shows I organise.  I also plan to include other material related to my art activities and interests.

In my own work I am interested in using the creation of art as a philosophical and experimental tool as well as presenting a more holistic portrayal of the world.  I often use a combination of controlling structure and various types of evolving image sequences to explore a particular idea.  Currently my creative output takes the form of a number of painting and drawing styles, including my attempts at creating new landscape and portrait traditions.  However, in the past I have been involved with performance art, environmental constructions, sculpture/assemblages and conceptual art in numerous manifestations.

I coined the term Ionist Art in the middle Seventies to cover the work I was doing at the time which lay somewhere in between art and science.  In the Eighties I founded the Ionist Art Group to bring together artists and scientists to exchange ideas and collaborate on joint projects.  Since then I have been staging regular Ionist Art group exhibitions for artists with a multidisciplinary approach to creativity.

I do hope you find something of interest here.  Further information on my own work and group activities can be found on my reference site: http://www.ionistart.me.uk or one of my facebook pages (http://www.facebook.com/gerald.shepherd2 is a good starting point).


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Interesting. I’ll keep a look out to see what you Ionists are up to.

    • Thank you very much! Hopefully we will be up to a few things although I have blurred the edges of what I originally called Ionist Art (work with multidisciplinary sources} and post any art I actually like.

  2. Unique idea for a blog. There is one artist/scientist that I really admire named Theo Jansen. He makes kinetic sculptures. Maybe you’ve heard of him. I learned about him from a TED Talks podcast. Here’s the link, if you are interested in learning more. : http://www.ted.com/talks/theo_jansen_creates_new_creatures

  3. Very nice and interesting work …I look forward to seeing more.

  4. This blog is great !

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