Gerald Shepherd: Fugal Meal

Fugal Meal

Fugal Meal


8 thoughts on “Gerald Shepherd: Fugal Meal

  1. I love this one !!!

    • Thank you very much! It was done in the early Nineties so it is getting on a bit!

      • If this was done in the nineties your work is very modern !!!! as is all of your work. You told me several times that when I loved one of your painting that is was made many years ago and always your work looks like it was made now ! And I have told you before that you have loads and loads of fantasy !

      • Thank you very much! I have always been ahead or behind the prevailing art fashions in the UK. I have got recognised on odd occasions but basically to get known in the UK you have to satisfy various criteria such as going to art school and if you work is too unusual it is ignored by commercial galleries. To be honest the work on display in even the big name galleries is not that high at the moment so perhaps doing my own thing is better in the long run!

      • Oh yes, doing your own thig is always best, these days it’s all about how you look, you probably look too normal for an artist, I think I have told you before it would be better to wear a bone or a big golden ring in your nose….

      • Ha ha, I can’t see myself going that far although I was going to have my ears pierced but June wouldn’t let me!

      • well pierced ears is a start but then you have to be brave and chose for those big black buttons who make a big hole in your ears or you go for a big bone from a mammouth or an elphant, then they will surely notice you, and as they notice you they’ll have a proper look at your work and think the world of it and then you’ll be rich and famous !:D

      • Ha ha, perhap not! I think I will stay poor and unknown

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