Gerald Shepherd: Brain In A Landscape

This is another painting based on aerial photographs of Wiltshire (where I grew up).  I use the the photograph to create a template onto which I can incorporate symbols and evolving figurative images.

Brain In A Landscape

Brain In A Landscape


4 thoughts on “Gerald Shepherd: Brain In A Landscape

  1. Interesting perspective – it does look eerily like a cranium…like the artful whimsy of this piece

    • Thank you very much! The original arrangement of streets in the photo (which I have probably lost) did remind me of a head/brain before I started work.

      • That was an interesting artistic ‘map.’
        Way back in school,one of my graphic arts professors loved maps. He painted ‘artistically’ rendered maps – he called them mapstracts, if I remember correctly

      • Maps are certainly interesting. I made word maps in the Seventies as a new way (for me) of writing plays and semi-improvisational dramatic pieces, I then started to use controlling stuctures in my visual art. With the exception of my small landscapes, which tend to be a bit of a side line, most of my works are concerned with narrative and/or the evolution of ideas; they all have a starting image which I then elaborate using variation format or various developmental procedures. The use of map like templates is one way of controlling the elaboration of images.

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