News: Whiteout Exhibition – Hundred Years Gallery, London

Hundred Years Gallery

Events of the Week:

‘WHITEOUT’ by Jill Rock

Exhibition continues

‘Saturnalia’ A Night of Misrule

Saturday 21st of December from 7:00

‘Gilgamesh’ Sunday Session III

Sunday 22nd of November from 3:00 – 6:30


Grassy Noelt photograph by Antonio Mena

Rude Mechanicals (photograph by Antonio Mena)

Performances this weekend at Hundred Years Gallery:

Saturday 21st of December at 7:00
‘SATURNALIA’ A Night of Misrule
Hundred Years Gallery celebrates its second birthday and the Winter Solstice with masks, music and chaos. Join us as the world turns upside down for a night of misrule with Grassy Noel, Miss Roberts & Cos Chapman (Rude Mechanicals), Calum F Kerr, Miyuki Kasahara, Phillip Raymond Goodman, Giles Leaman, Matt Scott and Jill Rock as DavieDarlings Auntie. Opening Ritual by Raga Woods
Free entry


Sunday 22nd of December from 3pm – 6pm:
‘GILGAMESH’ An interpretation by Richard Cardew
An interpretation by Richard Cardew of the ancient Mesopotamain epic of Gilgamesh, legendary ruler of Uruk, and his search for immortality.Reading by Jill Rock accompanied by Nicky Heinen (flute)


Prints, Artists Books & Cards for Sale at Hundred Years Gallery:
20% discount during December

We are open until 7pm on Sunday 22nd of December and have a wide selection of prints, artists book and cards for sale, by established and emerging artists. Do your last minute Christmas shopping and support your local gallery.

Remember the Dance’by Jill Rock (photo Antonio Mena)


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