Notice From Jill Rock



Last week, 7 of 7 at Hundred Years Gallery for DRonULtMaRAtiOthenHEcATe


I give my heartfelt thanks to Montse Gallego Reyes for offering me this opportunity to show my work in Hundred Years Gallery alongside Graham Mackeachan in the context of the improvised DrOnULTiMaRAtIOthenHECatE festival with improvised sound at its core.


It has been a whirlwind time with happiness written all over as each exhausting weekend draws to a close.  There have been new and exciting collaborations, extraordinary performances, poignant heart stopping moments – a lot of fun and an amazingly positive response from performers who have all taken part in the way of good will ie unpaid and loved.


To the performer’s and their generosity especially I extend every good wish I can think of


and to the performers and to the audiences alike thank you for being so great – keep in touch – we might just do it all again……..



so hope to see you this weekend which will have much to do with Kurt Schwitters with Giles Leaman, and myself as sound poemer letting loose, playing it dangerously beside an original Schwitter’s recording



some of the many u tubes made and still being made .