Gerald Shepherd: Text Art And Conceptual Art

In the late Seventies/Early Eighties I did comparatively few wall hanging pictures, concentrating instead on writing short performance pieces, conceptual explanations and proposals for art works and myriads of text art pieces.  All of these were on paper although I did type out and subsequently digitise some in the late Eighties and also created new pieces.  I have returned to some of these (as part of an ongoing project) and combined them with images – ranging from very old slides my father or I took in the middle Sixties to spontaneous marks made on the computer screen.  Here is a limited selection; I am hoping hundreds will follow.

Music Of The Mind

Music Of The Mind

Coloured Lights Invention

Coloured Lights Invention

Picture In My Head - Blue Sky Version

Picture In My Head – Blue Sky Version

Me As A Pirate - Sheet One

Me As A Pirate – Sheet One

Me As A Pirate - Sheet Two

Me As A Pirate – Sheet Two

Metamorphosis Of Narcissus - Take One

Metamorphosis Of Narcissus

The Old Car

The Old Car

Study For Romeo And Juliet

Study For Romeo And Juliet


Notice From Jill Rock: Dron Festival – Week Three

DRON TALK SESSION IV with David Grundy, in conjunction with

PigPen. Sunday 24th of February, from 3pm


Jill Rock image_13613701327421361370061

For the fourth DRON Festival Sunday session, Cambridge based writer and musician David Grundy presents an informal talk and discussion on Improvisation and Politics, or The Politics of Improvisation.

Music and performance poetry by The Yetzer Hara Box : Antonio Alfaro Sanchez & Jack Rhys Merrick.

During the afternoon Hundred Years Gallery will converge with the PigPen Club at the beginning of a special club night in honour of Gabriel Hardisty-Miller, an inspirational campaigner for the rights of autistic people, who sadly passed away last year aged just 25.

Jill Rock PigPen_Feb24_Poster_complete_A4.1

The show to celebrate Gabriel’s life and his achievements will be held at The Macbeth in Hoxton Street from 4pm to late, and we invite the audience and participants to join the procession from Hundred Years Gallery to The Macbeth at 4.45.
Admission to The Macbeth event is £7 / £5 concessions. All proceeds go to the National Autistic Society.

Jill Rock b27_640x427_

DRON Performance Festival III. Saturday 23rd of February, from 6.30

For the DRON Festival, the Jerico Orchestra will collaborate with digital artist Andor Merks and his Composition Robotics.
Using projected images as an interactive graphic score this first time meeting promises a trip into uncharted areas, as visuals by Pete Jones are fed into the digital mixer … the collective mind of the orchestra in action, the projected score, and the response of the audience together create a unique work which must be experienced in its totality. This performance for DRON Festival also incorporates strategies for group improvisation devised by Michael Walter. Also during the evening, Jerico Orchestra flautist Wil Miles will play a solo set inside the Dron.

Gretchen Dharma Sky Cult : An anagrammatic, name-shifting, all-electronic improvising trio of Martin Hackett, synthesizer, David Grundy, laptop & Stuart Chalmers, tapes.  Together their music is cut-up, sampled, sliced, randomisation and control jerking apart or together in some kind of evolving improvised form.

Stasis 73 : Formed in 2009 by a collective of creatives from Hastings. Film makers, painters, poets and musicians. The aim of the project is to move beyond the concerns of more traditional music making, yet not fall into the trap of being labelled experimental.
Here they present an immersive live sound and film installation consisting of drones and sonic explorations, utilizing electro-acoustic manipulated pure noise, voice, text, whisperings, field recordings & darkness, creating an atmosphere that is simultaneously oppressive, uplifting, nostalgic and intriguing, using refracted collected filmed & found images, projected and refilmed, creating a multi-layered textural imagery, complementary to the sound layers: spoken and text sound, found object sounds, acoustic sounds, acoustic sound exploration and processed acoustic sounds, decay, and extended drones.

Monster Zero ” Reunion “
A constructed void.
A psychotic blend of harsh noise, underworld lyrics and acid landscape.
Performance by this trio from Portugal/Spain/London featuring Cementimental / The Techno Widow / Adolfo Healer

Rossella “Blue” Mocerino: Paintings For A Forthcoming Exhibition

Rosella “Blue” Mocerino is an artist who has appeared in this blog before.  I really love her work and she has an exhibition coming up called LITTLE TREASURES EXHIBITION at Galleria De’ Marchi, Bologna from March 23 to April 4, 2013.

Love In The Spring

Love In Spring


Love In Summer

Love In Summer


Love In Fall

Love In Fall


Love In Wnter

Love In Winter



Dora Bratelj: Academic Painter – Graphic Artist, Conservator and Restorer of easel painting at Croatian Conservation Institute

I love this artist’s work which is extraordinarily wide ranging and technically very strong – please don’t take my word for it though as there are a huge selection of other works on Pictify.

In The Eye - Mosaic (Detail)

In The Eye – Mosaic (Detail)

Headscarves - Mosaic (Detail)

Headscarves – Mosaic (Detail)

Icebergs And Reflections On The River Drava - World Upside Down (Woodcut)

Icebergs And Reflections On The River Drava – World Upside Down (Woodcut)

Nude Permeation Two

Nude Permeation Two

In Expectation

In Expectation (Multi Coloured Linocut)

Once Upon A Time In Croatia - 400 Year Old Olive Tree On Pag Island

Once Upon A Time In Croatia – 400 Year Old Olive Tree On Pag Island

Before Leaving (Multi Coloured Linocut

Before Leaving (Multi Coloured Linocut)

Inception Two (Tempera)

Inception Two (Tempera)

Notice From Jill Rock: dROn UlTima RatIo Sound Festival

With great pleasure I am announcing thedROn  UlTima RatIo sound festival at Hundred Years Gallery from Sunday February 3rd
organised by Graham Mackeachan and Jill Rock.
In the Cafe gallery scores by Graham Mackeachan

In the basement gallery ITS ALL SCORES by Jill Rock

Performances every Saturday evening
Sunday afternoon – time to sit around talk discuss listen to music watch a film, eat and drink a glass or so…………
The gallery will be open for people to use for experimental sound, visual and performance works during opening hours.

(all events free entry)

This Saturday eve from around 8pm disco to DJ NINOT projections by Andor Mercks.
Feb 3rd from 3 – 5pm
Sunday talk talk:  Richard Cardew, of ancient analogue knowledge &  Andor Mercks of modern digital projection fame;
both working with geometric form  +  the Gabriel Keane at the piano.


Adam Bohman – all things Cage and if lucky very funny monologues
Miss Roberts as MISS ROBERTS
other events will be posted on the Hundred Years Gallery site as below

Notice From Paul Malone: The Electric Universe

A unique and controversial talk on astronomy
Tuesday 12th February 2013. 6:00 – 7:00 pm
(Doors open for refreshments and chat 5:30 – 7:30 pm)
The Better Bankside Space. 18, Great Guildford Street. London SE1 0FD
(Tate Modern end)

Further information :

Venturing forth from where Professor Jim Al Khalili’s ‘Shock and Awe’ (BBC) left off, Deptford based
artist Paul Malone takes you on a unique and controversial tour of the Universe. Originally devised
to introduce artists and designers to the wide range of forms inherent in plasma structures, this talk
follows contemporary speculations into the role that electro-dynamics play in the morphologies of
objects that we see in modern astronomy.
“From the smallest particle to the largest galactic formation, a web of electrical circuitry
connects and unifies all of nature, organizing galaxies, energizing stars, giving birth to
planets and, on our own world, controlling weather and animating biological organisms.
There are no isolated islands in an electric universe”.
David Talbot and Wallace Thornhill, 2004

This event is to fund raise for the charity :
SE1 United
‘Empowering young people to be leaders of their own lives.’
The talk is free to the public but please donate what you can.
It would be very helpful if you could RSVP to:

Electric Universe