Gerald Shepherd: Nude Self Portrait

This year has been one of those years when I haven’t really been happy with what I have created – it happens every three or four years or so, mainly because I am highly experimental and also usually have a huge number of works in progress at any one time.  Perhaps I should add that it is rare to like any of one’s own art works but one still gets a reasonably good vibe when things are going well.

After a spell of producing (for me) relatively large works I wasn’t sure whether to have a change and do a series of smaller pictures – I normally do landscapes which are easier to sell – or continue the big picture trend.  I decided on the latter and I have begun to finish some even larger pictures I had originally started in 2011.  The first to be completed is this work (NUDE SELF PORTRAIT – a fine figure of a man I know!  Joke!!) and I am actually moderately happy with it although I may do another version with symbols instead of figurative imagery in due course – I may even have some clothes on next time!

Incidentally I am also cautiously content with another large scale work I am currently working on (entitled: RED: LIGHTS AT WEYHILL ROAD ROUNDABOUT – AMBER: ONCE A THOUGHT IS MADE DOES IT LAST FOR EVER? – GREEN: A SLOWLY SINKING LANDSCAPE) so perhaps a corner has been turned.

The self portrait has the starting or thematic imagery in the grey oval at the the top: namely abstracted versions of an artist painting a picture.  These images are then developed down the orange strands.  Most of my work, certainly since 1976, has been developmental and sequential with evolving images or symbols moving across or down the picture plane.

Nude Self Portrait

Nude Self Portrait



Fauzia Khan

I have recently come across this artist’s work.  I admire these works greatly.

Further pictures can be found on Pictify.

Art Isn't A Thing It Is A Way

Art Isn’t A Thing Its A Way

Hidden Truth

Hidden Truth

Indigo Is The Colour Of Silence, Thought, Reflection, Prayer And Inner Peacee

Indigo Is The Colour Of Silence, Thought, Reflection, Prayer And Inner Peace



Life's Like This Bench - Come And Play Your Roll On Life's Stage And Go Back

Life’s Like This Bench – Come And Play Your Roll On Life’s Stage And Go Back



Gerald Shepherd: Early photographs – circa 1967-1968

After posting a photograph taken by father in the middle Sixties I thought I would include two taken myself as a boy.  The subjects are my late mother and my father.  These probably represent my earliest extant art works – assuming it is not being too pretentious to categorize them as such.  These were slides and the ancient SLR camera (Nikorex I think) was almost too heavy for a boy to hold!

Frank Shepherd: Self Portrait (circa 1966)

Apologies for my inactivity on this blog – I have been posting regularly on some of my other blogs but pressure of work has meant letting this one go – I will endeavour to post more regularly in the future.
This photograph was taken in the middle sixties by my father who was a major influence on me when I was a young child.  He certainly encouraged my interest in the sciences and natural history.  Of course I ended up an artist!