Meg Bullock: An Introduction To Current Work

What is written about a person or an event is frankly an interpretation, as are handmade visual statements, like paintings and drawings. Photographed images do not seem to be statements about the world so much as pieces of it, miniatures of reality that anyone can make or acquire”.

S. Sontag, On Photography 1977)

Concerning Mortality, the past and present within images; my work has stemmed from a discovery of an old Hi-8 tape filmed by my deceased father 20 years previously that no one had ever seen. Upon retrieval of the footage I became completely absorbed by the notion of existence captured, This has led to a vast body of work containing video based media, collaged photographs and installations using phosphorescent paint.

As an artist I am working to challenge and explore the familiar family images we are subjected to and ask the audience to stop and focus on their own presence and existence.

Meg Bullock 2012

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