Notice From Jill Rock: Solstices IV

“The enchanted house”, Ipanema.

Solstices IV.
20th of June from 7.30 at Hundred Years Gallery.

7.30      Doors Open
8.00      “A bike, a suitcase and an umbrella” film 2010 by Karina Levitan.
8.30      “Summer Stupidity”  spoken words by Johnny Cole.
9.00      “Hecate speaks out” monologue by Jill Rock.
9.30      “Sun Raga” sitar by Chris Cook.
10:15    “Improvisations and pieces by Arnold Schonberg” solo piano by Gabriel Keen.
10:45    “Incantatory Solstice Poetry” by Mr. Grassy Noel.
11:00    “Solstice IV” performed by Lote3 (Karina Levitan, Brasilian sound artist & musician, Graham Mackeachan London Bassist). Live
             link-up improvised music, sound sculpture from graphic scores, screened simultaneously in London and Ipanema, Brazil.
Throughout the evening:

“Tarot & Numerology” divination by Essien Poppola.
Donation Fee  £2.00

Montse Gallego 

Hundred Years Gallery Director

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