George Perendia: Road Side Steles

George produces memorable sculptures and paintings and has exhibited with me many times.

This is a selection of contemporary “road-side” memorial steles that combine symbols of ancient cultures and crashed car parts as signs of our contemporary, technologically advanced civilisation and its vulnerability. It aims to remind us that the unpredictable behaviour of nature and human psyche may nevertheless lead to tragic consequences for this civilisation as whole.

George’s sculptural work has been greatly inspired by contemporary technology and science, the archaeology and arts of ancient Mediterranean and Mexican cultures and the medieval memorial sculptural art of road-side steles.

Some of the presented sculptures were conceived in the late 1970’s, executed, and shown in several group and one-artist shows during the early 1980’s prior to his move to England. Included are more recent works including “Who is afraid of VW” and “A Memorial for a Known Cyclist” which was shown last year at the London Foundry gallery as a memorial for a friend, a cyclist and artist, killed at a nearby roundabout.

“These works should be displayed in every car insurance company’s reception” (A visitor at a previous exhibition)

Jill Rock: Two Images From The Waterlogged Series

Jill Rock exhibited with me last year in Greenwich.  She showed a series of painted found sculptures retrieved from beside the Thames in London.  Two works from the series are illustrated here.

Waterlogged 1

Waterlogged 1

Waterlogged 2

Waterlogged 2

Jill Rock – Artist Statement::

In 1997 in the Australian outback I had the opportunity to spend time with some aborigine artists. This experience re-connected me as an artist with nature. On my return to London I picked up a piece of tree bark, cleaned and painted it. My life as an artist had evolved from geometric abstractionist to painter of objects, a sculptor in colour.

From that time on I have painted on natural found objects and geometric forms. My work has been shown in exhibitions in London, UK, USA, NYC, Brazil, Chile, Italy, Holland, France, Germany, Spain, Beirut, Australia and Hong Kong. I have collaborated with poets, musicians, performance artists, playwrights, scientists, mathematicians, social scientists and philosophers. I have also worked in experimental art contexts organising and taking part in events outside the normal gallery situation.

Gerald Shepherd: Study For A Landscape In Three Dimensions

This work came about after my wife decided to throw away a Christmas decoration (a star).  I cut it it down and made this free standing cross shaped sculpture/painting.

Gerald Shepherd: The Trials And Tribulations Of “Girl On A Wicker Chair”

Historically I rarely used conventional composition techniques.  My visual art works tended to be system based with (usually) carefully laid out structures controlling the evolution of the images – or small packets of information as I prefer to think of them.  However since I started producing landscapes from the turn of the Century (these combine system based art with observation and my emotional responses to a scene) I have considered the compositional aspects of my work more – probably too much.  With my older work there was a sequential development across the picture plane and when I got to the end of the canvas everything stopped; now I continually reevaluate how the painting appears to the viewing public and make changes accordingly.  This came to a head with GIRL IN A WICKER CHAIR which I changed umpteen times.  I thought it might possibly be of interest if I showed some of the changes below although I didn’t actually record most of them!

Owen Legg

OWEN LEGG, a qualified doctor, is also a painter, printmaker, book maker and sculptor.  The prints utilise traditional techniques but the sculptures take the form of witty thought provoking constructions made from an extremely wide range of materials.

Cathy Ward: The Initiation Rites of the Order of Gain