Notice from Jill Rock

A Performance by Nissa Nishikawa and Fritz Stolberg

From research into the ancient divination practice of Capnomancy (observation of smoke), the creation myth of the Golem and the primordial event of light being projected onto matter, a ritual of order and chaos is created which oscillates between the origins of cinema and the origins of the stage.

With guest artists Aida Wilson, Chaman Lomenech-Dill, Ebe Oke, Jill Rock, Karima Adebibe, Lise Hovesen, Michael Evans (CITIZEN), Prema Goet and Sebastian Buerkner.

85 St George’s Road, SE1 6ER London, United Kingdom

2011 Ionist Art Exhibition: other artists

Here are a handful of images by artists who participated in the last Ionist Art Show – more to follow.

Gerald Shepherd – Selected Works: Meditative Process Art

Although I work in a number of different styles, most of my painting and graphic work has a pronounced sequential format. Usually with prominent introductory theme and development sections. The thematic imagery — which can be either figurative or abstract — is encapsulated within a precise structural framework. Both structure and images undergo a formalized elaborative process using developmental procedures derived from my research into the sciences, music, drama, etc. I am striving to use this fusion art form as a fluid explorative tool in both an art and philosophical context.

The above statement was taken from the first issue of the Ion Exchange science-art newsletter which I edited from 1989 to 1992.  I do plan to restart it as a science and art blog to see what interest there is.

All the paintings below were created between 1989 and 1992.

More works by Ken Palmer

Here are a few more pictures by the late Ken Palmer.  Some were completed in the Eighties/Nineties and some are more recent.


Wessex Visions

I staged an exhibition of landscape paintings at the Ace Gallery, Picket Piece in Hampshire last July.  This turned out to be quite a successful show despite being held in the middle of summer when a lot of people are away.

More art works by Joan Jago

Further to my post yesterday here are four more works by the late Joan Jago.

Ken Palmer 1944 – 2009

I had known Ken since the days of the first Ionist Art Group in the Eighties.  He was involved in a group of artists and scientists based around Glasgow University who met to chat and explore collaborative projects and which actually predated my group by a number of years – although I think the IAG was the first science-art fusion group in England (we used to meet once a month in my sister’s flat!).  I’m probably wrong about this of course.

I have always loved his work and I can’t believe he was not better known.  It is also very sad that he passed away at such a relatively young age.

Barrier by Ken Palmer