Gerald Shepherd: Duologue – GM & GS

I called this Duologue because I have overlaid an evolving image sequence over  small pencil drawings done by my young nephew in the late Seventies (although some of the pencil scribbles may have been done by me as well).  The panel is a thin sheet of unprimed hardboard (Masonite).

Duologue - GM & GS

Duologue – GM & GS

Gerald Shepherd: Double Take

I had cataracts in my eyes very prematurely – probably from painting outside; which I did practically everyday during the more clement months from the late Seventies to the middle Nineties.  I only had partial sight from 1992 t0 1999, although my left eye deteriorated first and I had an operation in 1994 with the operation on my right eye in 1998.  This painting was one of a small series done between the operations and records the difference in vision between the two eyes.  Unfortunately, although the operating techniques had moved forward substantially between the two eyes, it was not possible to eliminate myopia in those days.

Double Take

Double Take